Gig Guide

Photo of The Steve Martins at the Lomond Hotel

This weeks gigs
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 20th September Lomond Acoustica8:00pmGeoff Achison, Joe Matera, Simon Evans
Thursday 21st September9:00pmThe Writers Block #31 Glenn Philp, Mel Taylor, Rat Child, Christina Green, Zoe Fox, Frank Jones and Matthew Arnold
Friday 22nd September6:00pmMax Teakle's Honky Tonk Piano
9:30pmOld Money Mountain (Alt-country roots)
Saturday 23rd September9:30pmCollard Greens and Gravy (Chicago blues)
Sunday 24th September5:30pmCarino Son (Cuban grooves)
Next Week
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 27th September Lomond Acoustica8:00pmJimi Hocking, Bill Jackson and Pete Fidler, Marni Sheehan
Thursday 28th September9:00pmKing Puppy and The Carnivore (Raw blues)
Friday 29th September 6:00pmMax Teakle's Honky Tonk Piano
9:30pmBarb Waters and The Mothers Of Pearl (Buffalo country rock)
Saturday 30th September 9:30pmThe Ramblin' Roses (Gratefully dead-ringers)
Sunday 1st October5:30pmGallie and Co.(indelible journyman)