Gig Guide

Photo of The Steve Martins at the Lomond Hotel

This weeks gigs
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 24th May Lomond Acoustica8:00pmMick Pealing and Nick Charles, Accidental Bedfellows, Wayne Jury
Thursday 25th May9:00pmCold Irons Bound (Alt-country blues)
Friday 26th May6:00pmMax Teakle's Honky Tonk Piano
9:30pmMonica and The Mindreaders (Telecaster telepathy)
Saturday 27th May9:30pmThree Kings (Swamp blues)
Sunday 28th May5:30pmMoreland City Soul Revue (Chunky funky)
9:00pmMarty Kelly (Folk roots)
Next Week
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 31st May Lomond Acoustica8:00pmLeslie Avril and Sam Leman, Stephanie Duzel, Kimberley Wheeler
Thursday 1st June9:00pmRory Ellis (CD Launch) (Deep blues)
Friday 2nd June6:00pmMax Teakle's Honky Tonk Piano
9:30pmChristina Green and Friends (CD Launch) + Accidental Bedfellows (Urban roots)
Saturday 3rd June9:30pmHeartwood (EP Launch) + Dennis Lui (Harmony country)
Sunday 4th June5:30pmGreg Champion and The Useful Members Of Society (DIY heroes)
9:30pmMarty Kelly (Folk roots)