Gig Guide

Photo of The Steve Martins at the Lomond Hotel

This weeks gigs
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 17th January Lomond Acoustica8:00pm
Thursday 18th January9:00pmEzra Lee"s Blues Revue (Rockin' blues)
Friday 19th January6:00pm
9:30pmGreg Dodd and The Hoodoo Men (Hoo doo you love)
Saturday 20th January9:30pmSteve Boyds' Rum Reverie (Sublime soul roots)
Sunday 21st January5:30pmBakersfield Glee Club (Hard-core country)
Next Week
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday January24th Lomond Acoustica8:00pmAlanna and Alicia Egan, Mandy Connell, Tanya Lee Davies
Thursday 25th January9:00pmSouth Australia (Invasion) Day Fritzroy's 3.0 Featuring Paul Slattery, Jeb Cardwell, Adrian Whitehead, Suit and Don Morrison (Soul blues)
Friday 26th January6:00pm
Saturday 27th January9:30pmThe Bon Ton Rhythms (Retro R&B)
Sunday 28th January5:30pmThe Roundhouse Gang (Chug-a-lug roots)