Gig Guide

Photo of The Steve Martins at the Lomond Hotel

This weeks gigs
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 15th August Lomond Acoustica8:00pmKhristian Mizzi, Joyce Prescher, Miguel Rios
Thursday 16th August8:30pmThe Writers Block #41 Liz Frenchman, Frank Jones, Mandy Connell, Dean Lombard, Jess Parker, Brendon Bosnack, Matthew Arnold
Friday 17th August9:30pmThe T-Bones (Juicy urban country)
Saturday 18th August9:30pmLuke Plumb and The Ramblin' Roses (Fresh-cut alt-Folk)
Sunday 19th August5:30pmMonica and The Mindreaders (They know what you want)
Next Week
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 22nd August Lomond Acoustica8:00pmTom Bolton, Tuesday Island, Soloman and Levy, Robbie Greig
Thursday 23rd August9:00pmCatfish Voodoo (Southern blues)
Friday 24th August9:30pmTwilight in Tulsa (Tulsatin' twangsters)
Saturday 25th August9:30pmYolanda Ingley II Band (Sultry R&B)
Sunday 26th August5:30pmDoc Halibut (Groove-tonics)