Lowie Live Presents Rayna. With Special Guest Cassettes

Lowie Live Presents Rayna. With Special Guest Cassettes


225 Nicholson Street
Brunswick East VIC 3057

Rayna are back!

Hot off the heels of their first recording, the glam-femme neo-soul boppers are ready to bring the mood up and the house down.

Rayna are sensational, smooth, and just a smidge salacious.

Put on your sexiest pair of dancing shoes and get ready to soothe your soul with Rayna.

The Rayna line-up is
Maryanne Dihayco (she/her) - Vocals
Maya Pilbrow (they/them) - Vocals/banjo
Nina Rose (she/her) - Vocals
Erasmus Toscano (he/him) - Keys
Sonja van den Berg (she/her) - Bass
Tal Abilmona (they/them) - Drums

Special guest appearance by Cassettes

Cassettes’ are a multi genre 4 piece band originating from Victoria. Starting originally as a fusion band, they quickly started dabbling in psych rock, free jazz, drum and bass and funk. With their knowledge in a wide range of music, ‘Cassettes’ refuse to stick to a particular genre and instead choose to express themself in whatever style they see fit.


Luciano Olmedo guitar

Marcus Andrews drums

Connor Eastham bass

Erasmus Toscano keys

Special guest appearance by Cassettes.


Friday 26th July


Tickets: $10

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