Sunday @ Lowie Live presents Presley Davis Jr . A 3 Album Launch in 1 Day.

Sunday @ Lowie Live presents Presley Davis Jr . A 3 Album Launch in 1 Day.


225 Nicholson Street
Brunswick East VIC 3057

Presley Davis Jr


Presley Davis Jr’s father, a member of the Nicky Capodice Banjo Band, gave him his first guitar and tenor banjo at 8 years old. At 17, Presley was contracted to sing old jazz favourites 6 nights a week. By the age of 25 he was touring the USA performing with different bands in different styles including bluegrass, blues, soul and rock.


At 30 he moved to Melbourne, Australia, the hometown of his wife where for the last 20 years he has played and sung with local bands and as a solo artist. During the Covid-19 pandemic, hemmed in by the world’s longest lockdown, he decided to record three different records in three different styles and release them all on one day. That day is coming: July 23rd 2024.


What are the three records? The first is an old-timey jazz record honouring the music taught to him by his late father. This record features tenor banjo, tuba, piano, trombone, clarinet and vocals on songs Presley has been playing for 40 years.


The second is a country album featuring bluegrass style songs as well as more traditional country western tunes. It has a real focus on harmony vocals and a good helping of guest pickers from all over the globe, including Grammy award winner Michael Cleveland on three tracks.


The final is a rhythm and blues influenced record that sees Presley exploring the blues, funk, and soul vibes he was steeped in while playing in bands around Chicago and St Louis.

Sunday 28th July


Tickets: $20

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