Live music at the LomondLive music began at the Lomond in 1989/90, and by the mid 90's the musical offerings included the talents of  Kelly Auty, John McAuslan, Louis McManus, Andy Baylor, Lesuire Twins, Say Nothing, Off the Wall, The Whirling Furphies and many others.. By 2000 the hotel was well established as a music venue north of the Yarra.

Interested in performing at the Lomond ?, then consider our booking philosphy:

 " Live At The Lomond "

The Lomond Hotel caters for a wide range of music lovers .......

Our 'sound-scape' runs from acoustic roots, country, bluegrass through swing blues, R&B to World music with Irish, Indigenous, Gypsy, Cuban, Afro etc, etc. We support mostly 'matured' musicians, and feature classy contemporary songwriters.

There is an intimate stage, a real piano, excellent beer and a real, warm ambience ! ENJOY !!!

If you are interested in performing, contact Steph:




This Weeksth Gigs

Thursday 4th September 8:30pm Lot 56                                   (Contemporary alt-country)
Friday 5th September 9:30pm Paulie Bignell and The Thornbury Two                                              (Rockabilly roots)
Saturday 6th September 9:30pm Rory Ellis and The Devils Right Hand Band                                                     (Deep blues grooves)
Sunday 7th September 5:30pm O'Shea, Denahy and Howard                  (Songsters deluxe combo)
  9:00pm Ken Maher, Al Wright and Tony Hargreaves                                    (Acoustic roots)














Next Weeks Gigs

Thursday 4th Septenber

Friday 5th September 9:30pm  
Saturday 6th September 9:30pm


Sunday 7th September 5:30pm  
















Tuesday Celtic/Folk session at LomondA regular celtic/folk session is held every Tuesday evening in the main bar, commencing around 8.30. Everyone is welcome, either to perform or listen.

The session is run by Dan Bourke with Tony Hargreaves on the piano and Marty Kelly on the guitar,so come along and have a great night.










Saturday Old Timey session at Lomond










Lomond CD

The Lomond Hotel CollectionThe Lomond Hotel Collection was released in 2006 and features various musicians and groups who had performed at the Lomond in the preceding years.