Gig Guide

Photo of The Steve Martins at the Lomond Hotel

This weeks gigs
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 20th February Lomond Acoustica8:00pmRobbie Grieg Trio, Dan Hall, Bob Hutchison
Thursday 21st February9:00pmThe Writers Block #46 Sarah Carroll, Jan Woszitsky, Kate Taylor, Clint Wilson, Pascal Latra, Framk Jones, Jeff Burstin
Friday 22nd February9:30pmGwynn Ashton Band (Psychedelic rootsmaster)
Saturday 23rd February9:30pmThe Whirling Hornets (Whats the Buzz)
Sunday 24th February5:30pmRRR BBQ Band (sizzlin' mix!)
Next Week
Tuesday's8:00pmIrish Session with Dan Burke
Wednesday 27th February Lomond Acoustica8:00pmMichelle Chandler, Christina Green, Dana Crowe
Thursday 28th February9:00pmTarantinos (Quentinessential)
Friday 1st March9:30pmChris Finnen Trio (Blues grooves)
Saturday 2nd March9:30pmMurphy's Hardware (Swingin' 60's)
Sunday 3rd March5:30pmThe Butter Band (Western swingsters)